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Baptistland: A Memoir of Abuse, Betrayal, and Transformation Paperback

Baptistland is a story of abuse, brokenness, and betrayal, but more than any of these things, it is the story of resilience. —Kristin Kobes Du Mez, author of Jesus and John Wayne It began with just wanting to tell the truth. But truth-telling has a way of snowballing. When Christa Brown first spoke out about the sexual abuse she endured in her...

Christa Brown

Described as "the public face" of Baptist clergy sex abuse survivors, Christa Brown was one of the first to go public with substantiated child sex abuse allegations against a Baptist minister and documentation that others knew. Since then, for nearly two decades, she has worked to shine a light on the systemic problem of abuse and cover-ups in Baptistland. Christa has been touted...

Let Us Prey

Survivors expose a hidden culture of abuse and coverups in IF Churches.

Midvale Baptist Church

State regulators revoked the license of the daycare, called Kid’s Best Child Care, on June 30, 2023 after the girl’s mother reported the alleged abuse to police on April 21, 2023 according to a criminal complaint.

This Little Light: Beyond a Baptist Preacher Predator and His Gang

In this groundbreaking memoir and exposé, Christa Brown tells the story of clergy sex abuse and cover-ups in the largest Protestant denomination, the Southern Baptist Convention. As she shares her journey from trusting church girl to tenacious advocate for children's safety, Brown shines a light on the patterns of preacher-predators and the collusion of evangelical leaders. This Little Light speaks of the unspeakable, and...

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