Video: What is Abused in Scouting? - Call for Free Case Evaluation - 1.888.99.SCOUT

Date Released: September 17th, 2020


FROM THE "Abused in Scouting" TV COMMERCIAL...
If you were sexually abused as a child in the Boy Scouts of America, you were not victimized just by a perpetrator. You were victimized by an organization that knew abuse was happening and failed to warn or protect you. So, we believe there is a moral imperative for you to come forward and come forward now to hold the BSA accountable for their negligence.

In this video, Attorneys Tim Kosnoff, Andrew Van Arsdale, and Abused in Scouting client Gil Gayle talk about AIS's mission to get justice for Scouting abuse survivors across the nation and the impending bar claims deadline on November 16, 2020. If you were sexually abused in Scouting programs, reach out to us today for legal help.